BURNING MAN // DEEP PLAYA // 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Welcome to a Breath Work experience to reveal your inner mystical highness.

At sunset, Eva Kaczor will guide the community through her transformative PSYCHEDELIC BREATH RITUAL into a state of non-ordinary consciousness.

A special sound set created by Acid Pauli will elevate and deepen your experience.

The ritual will then slowly blend into Mayan Warrior DJ sets that will drive attendees into a night filled with magical sounds and lights.


PSYCHEDELIC BREATH is Eva Kaczor’s own mix of dynamic breathing techniques from ancient traditions and contemporary science, fused with a specially designed electronic music set of Acid Pauli.

PSYCHEDELIC BREATH is a state-shifting practice for deep self-exploration that harnesses the power of your own body to dig deep into consciousness and reveal your inner healer.

For thousands of years, conscious breathwork was practiced

  • To expand consciousness
  • To access healing and insight
  • To gain clarity and vision
  • To connect with higher forces / spirit guides

Both, deep breathing as well as electronic music, have the power to alter your state of consciousness. By hyper-oxygenating your lungs you can access higher realms of awareness.

Within the ritual you will explore the non-ordinary mind and experience a state of ecstasy while you clear out mental, emotional and physical blockages.

The experience closes with a guided meditation that sheds light to your unique gift.


This type of breathwork is not recommended for anyone with a history of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma, retinal detachment, aneurisms, significant recent physical injuries or surgery or during pregnancy.



Eva Kaczor is a Consciousness Guide, the founder of YOGIS ON SOUND, YOGA MEETS ART, PSYCHEDELIC BREATH, WORK YOUR FLOW as well as the founder of the art magazine Eva holds a diploma in Psychology and certifications in Vinyasa, Thyroid and Yin Yoga with additional trainings in Thetahealing, Reiki and Spiraldynamik.

She guides her clients through deep transformation processes towards purpose and personal growth drawing from her extensive knowledge about the human psyche, health and spirit.

All her work aims to empower her clients to radically create what they love.

Based in Berlin, she teaches and coaches worldwide.

With Psychedelic Breath, Eva travels the world among others to Burning Man, Afrikaburn, Garbicz Festival (Kater Blau), Villa Illumina (Mykonos), Festival Nomade (Chile), Hedoné (Berlin), Domus (Equador), Mezcal Amores Experience (Mexico) and at The PurposeMovement Conference (Berlin)

For bookings please contact her at


Over the last 20 years Martin Gretschmann has been exploring new fields of music off the mainstream paths: psychedelic, adventurous and full of musicality.

Acid Pauli is Martin Gretschmann’s club-oriented live set. It has morphed over the years into an advanced DJ performance, incorporating not only techno and house but a wide variety of music across genres beyond dance music. As a versatile musician, Martin is equally comfortable performing at Techno Clubs in New York or Ibiza as he is producing radio plays and writing film music.

Born in the 70s in the Bavarian region of Germany, Martin Gretschmann started to play bass guitar in a punk/indie band in the late Eighties, whilst at the same time becoming interested in the evolution of electronic music and its instruments. The introduction of affordable samplers in that period led him towards the production of his first electronic tracks.

His initial forays under the name Console were released in 1995, and with the help of an Atari computer, a four-track tape machine, a sampler and a small synthesizer, he made his first album Pan or ama in 1996. Around this same time he joined the band The Notwist, tasked with handling the electronic spectrum of their music, and has been a constant member since until 2015. His Console project also became a band, when Gretschmann realized that playing live with friends was much more fun. After releasing several records and remixes, doing radio shows (together with Andreas Ammer), and touring extensively, Martin decided to begin a new solo project once again.

With the rise of the new Millenium, the moniker Acid Pauli was chosen and what has started as a computer based live-act, has since morphed into a dancefloor-focused hybrid live/DJ performance, yet reserves the freedom to experiment and allows for a precise blend of eclectic selections. These unique abilities were showcased on a highly-acclaimed installment of Crosstown Rebels' Get Lost mix series, a lovely journey that encapsulated the range of emotion and depth present in his performances, and on 'Countdown to Zero', a DJ mix with Damian Lazarus.


Mayan Warrior is the result of a collaborative project that has united artists, craftsmen, photographers, designers, technologists, architects and musicians from Mexico City and Northern California.

The project’s original intent was to present to the world the incredible ascent of contemporary Mexican electronic music while paying respect to the deep and ancient sources from which that visual and auditory culture had grown.

Both light and sound are curated by some of the world’s most prominent artists to transport participants to the very origins of the culture – and to a new understanding of contemporary electronic expression.